Bloomin’ Arts Festival – Bartow, Florida

Our next festival is the Bloomin’ Arts Festival in Bartow, FL. This location is new to us and we’re excited to give it a try. The location is Southwest of Orlando and about an hour east of Tampa. Sponsored by the Bartow Art Guild, this is the 44th year for this event. Plan to come see us if you’re in the area. We have some exquisite new pieces for you to see! More info can be found here:

There’s no place like home!

We had a great trip to Florida for the Boca Raton Museum of Art Festival and the ArtiGras Festival in Jupiter, Florida! We sold lots of great wearable art and met some wonderful folks, including the Jacque and Jinette from Quebec, Canada. They winter in Pompano Beach for 4 months and our camping spot was right next to their fixed mobile home in the RV Park. Despite the language differences, we managed to communicate just fine! Plus, a bonus, they had a 6 year old black poodle named Alice! My girls and Alice got along swimmingly!

A most exciting happening at the Boca Raton festival was selling the Agate Collar to Judy. Judy collects wearable art jewelry and it looked incredible on her. We were beyond excited for her to become the owner of this beautiful piece! Plus, it was on my birthday! So fun and totally made my day!

After two weeks of being on the road, staying in campgrounds and Anita’s driveway (the Sunshine campground!), we were so glad to be headed home. Alas, a slight delay at my sister’s house (thank you!) due to the snow/ice in Ellijay, put us home last Thursday. HOME SWEET HOME doesn’t even begin to cover it!

50 Shades of Grey

Photos for my competition in the Battle of the Beadsmith ’14 have been posted! You can see all the incredible beaded art on the Facebook page B.O.T.B.’13. Yes, well we know it’s 2014, but Facebook would not let the page manager change the name to reflect ’14. I’m in Group A, Battle 4 and I’m up against Christina Glasell of Sweden. She’s done a beautiful blue collar against my evening bag with the theme of 50 Shades of Grey! Below is the introduction to my piece:

Inspired by my paternal grandmother, I’ve been a crafter all my life. When I found beading, I was totally hooked. Taking a bead embroidery class with Goddess Serafini completed changed my life. I fell in love and haven’t stopped doing bead embroidery since. Beadwork is the best expression of what is in my heart and provides serenity for me. I bead mostly at my cabin in the North Georgia Mountains where it is peaceful and in nature.

Name of Piece: “50 Shades of Grey” – I enjoyed the books and wanted to do an art piece that was based on that theme. You’ll see very subtle reflections of the book in the hand braided leather, gunmetal chain, and my favorite, handcuff charms! The red purse is the symbol of the “Red Room of Pain” from the book. I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Stitches: Bead embroidery, clean edge, backstitch, stop stitch

Name of products, size, material: Mexican Crazy Lace Agate and LunaSoft cabochons (various sizes and shapes); size 15, 11 and 8 seed beads; O-beads; metal charms, bead caps, bugle beads, pyramid beads, tile beads, hand-braided leather and gunmetal chain; red satin purse

Overall size of piece: 6” wide x 5” tall (with strap) x 2” deep

Time to complete: 82 hours

Enjoy these photos…50 Shades handle off

50 Shades purse back

50 Shades purse front

Next up will be the voting! Voting for Group D has closed. Group C is still open (see link on the Facebook page). I’ll let you know when Groups B and A open. Likely this week.

Off to enjoy more beady goodness!

Battle of the Beadsmith Competition

Today is the day the photos of 256 glorious beaded creations get published. Each competitor is paired with another and the voting will commence once all the photos are published. To follow this incredibly talented group, please visit Facebook: B.O.T.B. ’13 and join the group. You will be AMAZED at the beadwork from bead artists all over the world.

My first competitor is Christina Glasell of Sweden, and we are in Group A. Photos of Group D are currently being posted (they are going in reverse from Group D to Group A), so it will be a while before our photos are out there for viewing. I’m very excited and can’t wait to get your feedback.


Purple Passion Purse

Purple Rose Necklace


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