Perfect Match!

It was an extreme pleasure to meet Patty at the Festival on Ponce. Her jewelry is beautiful and I’m grateful that she shares her talents with the world. The blue earrings I purchased from her work perfectly with the sea foam outfit that I purchased from a NY designer. I cannot thank her enough, because I’ve been looking for something special for 9 months and could not find that special piece, so I guess I was waiting on her. Thank you for being the highlight of my weekend, Patty! I will purchase more pieces soon!! – P Maddox

Showing School Spirit

Testimonial by: MacKinzie Washington

I received the White/Brown Double Wrap Leather Bracelet – University of Tennessee as a gift and I love it. It works with just about any outfit, which is a plus. Also, it shows my school spirit which is very important. So GO VOLS, and thanks Patty!!

The Perfect Gift

Testimonial by: Donald Rorabaugh

I don’t know anything about jewelry, but I do have a real eye for art, and that is all I have needed to make my wife very happy every time she opens a gift from Bead All You Can Bead. The necklaces and bracelets are the easiest gifts to pick out, and I never sweat the decision. She has now gotten to the point where she looks for “that” box first; I can’t wait to see the look in her eyes when she gets her bracelet this Christmas – a double-wrapped black and red BULLDOG bracelet! Thanks, Patty!

The Big Day

Testimonial By: Jean Frank

My son got married in May and I wanted to do something special as a surprise for my (soon to be) new daughter-in-law. I talked with Patty about creating a bracelet that coordinated with the wedding dress. With the help of the bride’s mother, we were able to get Patty a picture of the dress. When the bride tried on her new gift early for “approval” and sizing, she loved it so much that Patty made her matching earrings, too! In addition, as a surprise, the bride ordered a necklace and bracelet for HER mother to wear to the wedding. All this resulted in three very happy women and it was a beautiful wedding-thank you, Patty!

Perfect for Wedding

Testimonial By: Donya Jones – Atlanta, GA

I was going to my brothers wedding in California and was very pregnant at the time. I had a dress, but no jewelry to wear. Patty worked with me to find out my style, and was kind enough to make me a stunning one of a kind necklace set to match the dress made of turquoise with an enamel pendant. I had so many compliments on the jewelry!!! Since then I have purchased several other quality pieces from Patty at Bead all you can Bead. Thank you Patty for making me feel so special.

Elegant Drops

Testimonial By: Amanda Williams – Watkinsville, GA

I needed a perfect little pair of dangle earings for a special gathering. I couldn’t find anything that would work. So I contacted Ms. Patty at Bead All You Can Bead, and she fashioned the most spectacular pair of black Onyx and sterling silver drops that matched perfectly. Thanks Patty for a great evening!

Heirloom Rosary

Testimonial By: R. Graffeo – Birmingham, AL

Upon a personal request, “Bead All You Can Bead” created several pair of gorgeous Rosary Beads for me. The detail and colors of these exquisite beads were unbelievable! One pair was given as a 50th birthday gift to a family member who has daughters. She commented that now she has an heirloom pair of rosaries for her daughters. The intricate work on the beads had everyone who saw them commenting on the detailed touches. In addition, the sterling silver pieces added such a classic touch. They were perfect! Thanks.